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Velpic sales and marketing update

Velpic sales and marketing update

Published on: | by finfeed

Cloud based e-Learning platform provider Velpic Limited (ASX:VPC) has updated the market on its recent strong client growth and increased revenues.

VPC generates its revenue from three core pillars: Enterprise, Reseller Partnerships and SMEs.

Enterprise Sales

Over the course of 2016 VPC has doubled its client base, signing multiple new clients throughout Australia and across industries.

New clients include Freedom Electrical, SRG, Vassallo Construction, Enjo, Ranger Drilling, A.P Eagers and Bid Metrics.

The rapid expansion further validates VPC’s product offering.

Reseller Partner Growth

New Partners have been jumping on-board and being skilled up to sell VPC’s platform. The number of partners currently stands at 21, a figure which was zero 9 months ago.

These partners are now beginning to attract their own clients, furthering the reach of VPC’s products.

The revenue sharing reseller model is highly scalable, allowing for both parties to benefit long-term whilst also attracting new resellers.

Note that continued revenue growth is not guaranteed and if investors are considering VPC for their portfolio they should seek professional financial advice before making any investment decision.

The distribution agreement with Panalitix, providing VPC’s platform to its 135+ customers, has begun generating revenues. Both companies expect revenues to grow in the month ahead as new customer are successfully signed up to the service.

Another partnership agreement with retail industry trainer John Blake and Surf Boardsports Industry Association (SBIA) is expected to begin bring in in revenues shortly. John Blake’s retail training content is now available to all of SBIAs 1,000+ members, in time for the 2016 Christmas Holiday retail season.

To-date 20 stores have already signed up for the service with over 100 staff having completed the retail training through VPC’s platform.

SME Marketing

The third pillar involving the SME self-sign up service is about to undergo a targeted sales and marketing push, including a significant boost to VPC’s online digital marketing campaign.

The initial launch of the digital marketing campaign has delivered paying SME self-sign-up clients and also generated a significant number of web site trials.