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Mozambi Resources continues to strike super jumbo

Mozambi Resources continues to strike super jumbo

Published on: | by finfeed

Mozambi Resources (ASX:MOZ) has continued its good form with further discoveries of what it says are exceptional super jumbo and jumbo flake graphite metallurgical results.

This comes on the back of an early December announcement explaining that the company had entered super jumbo territory after technical work on samples from its Namangale project confirmed the presence flake sizes of 0.5mm and 1mm.

Today’s announcement highlights outstanding distribution of up to 96.6% confirmed in categories of Super Jumbo, Jumbo and large flake mineralisation at Namangale 1, 2 and 3.

The results come from both the recently completed diamond and RC drilling campaigns.

Recently appointed Mozambi chairman, Stephen Hunt said of the results, “The distribution results confirming Super Jumbo and Jumbo flake graphite at deposits 1,2 and 3 are a tremendous validation of the excitement that the Board has for the Namangale project. These excellent flake size results combined with the consistent mineralisation grade are essential to maximising revenue and enabling the fast tracking of the project into production.

Flake size distribution results from graphite schist samples from Namangale 1, 2 and 3 show up to 37.9% Super Jumbo size of larger than 500µm and low proportions of amorphous graphite.

The 96.6% distribution was returned at Namangale 2.

The size of the graphite continues to impress those associated with the Namangale project.

The size of the graphite continues to impress those associated with the Namangale project.

More positive results

ALS Metallurgy have been carrying out Optical Microscopy examinations in Namangale 1 and found that they are comparable to previously announced results in Namangale 2 and 3.

The results of the examination found that graphite flakes in the larger size fraction were unliberated from the host rock. Graphite flakes in the 0.5mm to 1mm size fraction were mostly liberated and frequently contained large graphite flakes of up to 1000 microns in size. In the sub 0.5mm fraction the graphite flakes were well liberated and frequently contained graphite flakes between 450 microns and 800 microns.

The results indicate that mineralisation from this area has the potential to achieve excellent graphite concentration.

With positive results in hand, Mozambi Resources is now reviewing requests from potential offtake partners including end-user groups requesting sample product.

The Company is also in discussions with specialist organisations with regard to initiating a pre-feasibility study on the Namangale Projects.

Mozambi is now focused on completing its maiden JORC resource.