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How to make that “must have” morning coffee into a productive workplace conversation

How to make that “must have” morning coffee into a productive workplace conversation

Published on: | by Stefan Vermeulen

Comments Attributed to Stefan Vermeulen, Commercial Manager, Nespresso Australia.

The epitome of all workplaces – the coffee machine.

What has become a much loved symbol of collaboration, communication, or perhaps a quick break from the day-to-day, the coffee machine is an integral part of the workplace. There’s something more ‘approachable’ and therapeutic about having a meeting over coffee; it helps to break down walls. Could your conversations surrounding the office coffee machine actually be playing a greater role in stimulating workplace communication?

A recent nation-wide Galaxy survey of Australian coffee drinkers on behalf of Nespresso revealed that the large majority of workers (81%) agree coffee plays a fundamental role in positive communication amongst their colleagues.

“Coffee plays a pivotal role in positive workplace relations. We are pleased to know that, at Nespresso, we are helping Australians build great relationships within the office through our quality coffee and Professional machine ranges.”

Not only does coffee play an important role in workplace communications, but also in overall employee satisfaction, with more than half of employees (57%) surveyed stating good quality coffee is important for them to have available in their office.

Nespresso’s Commercial Manager, Stefan Vermeulen explains; “The benefits of good quality coffee in the office is that it facilitates a creative work environment and collaborative culture”.

“People used to have these discussions around the water cooler, but we see that this has now been replaced by the coffee machine or over a coffee catch up – it provides an opportunity for people to be able to talk about difficult topics,” Mr Vermeulen said.

A conversation over coffee stands as an effective way to initiate an open dialogue with a colleague. It provides opportunities for colleagues to discuss, vent frustrations and share experiences and advice whilst helping to foster a sense of comradery in the office. These conversations can be positioned as less confrontational than a formal meeting and can allow for a more relaxed dialogue.

The report also revealed that, overall, 37% of Australians only drink coffee sourced sustainably, indicating the growing shift towards how we view and consume coffee. With a need for quality and sustainable coffee, in an environment of conscious consumers, offices are urged to reflect on the role coffee plays in their culture and workplace.

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