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YPB Group (ASX:YPB)’s fake busting technology is starting to take a hold in key global markets.

YPB make and sell anti-counterfeiting technology to global brands – in an effort to stop the $1.7 trillion global illegal industry in its tracks.

Luxury brands such as Yves St Laurent and Gucci are sick of the scourge of counterfeiters – so much so they are suing Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba for not doing enough to stop the counterfeiters.

YPB’s technology is positioned to solve this global problem.

With $26M over the next 4 years committed in contracts from existing clients in China, it’s now turning to the USA – the home of a large number of brands that want to protect their standing in the market place.

The company recently signed a deal with a well-established American printing firm, and this may be the one that secures there position in this key market.

At the same time, caution is advised if considering an investment – this is a speculative tech company, and there is no guarantee of success.

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