Vonex Limited


πŸ“‹ About: Vonex Limited (ASX:VN8) is an Australian telecommunications company providing innovative VoIP solutions. Vonex is employing an aggressive acquisition strategy to grow revenues at scale.

🌏 Macro Theme: 5G capable devices and infrastructures to roll out into the market, which will boost the transition into the β€˜Internet of Everything’ network of people, processes, data and things.

Vonex Company Milestones

βœ… Acquisition 1: Incorporation Complete (2SG)
βœ… Portfolio Initiation
βœ… 2SG Wholesale 5G services selected by Optus as a key 5G partner
πŸŸ₯ Oper8r app discontinued
βœ… Acquisition 2: Acquisition Complete (Nextel)
βœ… Wholesale Agreement with Orange
βœ… Acquisition 2: Incorporation Complete (Nextel)
βœ… Acquisition 3: Acquisition Announced (MNF Group Direct Business)
βœ… $14M Cap Raise @11c ($12M Insto, $2M SPP)
βœ… Acquisition 3: Acquisition Complete (MNF Group Direct Business)
βœ… Acquisition 3: Incorporation into Business (MNF Group Direct Business)
πŸ”² Acquisition 4 - Announced
πŸ”² Acquisition 4 - Complete Transaction
πŸ”² Acquisition 4 - Incorporate into business
πŸ”² Acquisition 4 - Revenue Growth
βœ… 50,000 PBX Customers
βœ… 75,000 PBX Customers
πŸ”² 100,000 PBX Customers
πŸ”² [NEW] 150,000 PBX Customers
βœ… Annual recurring revenue hits $25M
πŸ”² Annual recurring revenue hits $50M
πŸ”² [NEW] Positive EBITDA FY22
βœ… Cashflow positive for half year
πŸ”² Cashflow positive for full year
πŸ”² Unexpected Announcement 1
πŸ”² Unexpected Announcement 2
πŸ”² Unexpected Announcement 3
πŸ”² Vonex acquired by larger telco company

Reporting Highlights

FY21 Q1 - $16.7M Annual Recurring Revenue
πŸ“… FY21 Q2 - $18.0 Annual Recurring Revenue
πŸ“… FY21 Q3 - Cashflow Positive
FY21 Q4 - $18.7 Annual Recurring Revenue
πŸ“… FY21 Full Year Results

VN8 Investment Milestones

βœ… Initial Investment: @14c
βœ… Increase Investment: @11c
πŸ”² Increase Investment
πŸ”² Price increases 500% from initial entry
πŸ”² Price increases 1000% from initial entry
πŸ”² Price increases 2000% from initial entry
βœ… 12 Month Capital Gain Discount
πŸ”² Free Carry
πŸ”² Take Profit
πŸ”² Hold remaining Position for next 2+ years

”Expected Company Milestones” are based on the company's publicly available execution plan and some assumptions made by our team on potential announcements that should de-risk the investment. β€œOur investment milestones” show our current long-term investment plan. Early stage investments are risky and there is no guarantee that the expected events will occur. The lists are not in sequential order.


πŸ”² Expected Milestone
βœ… Achieved Milestone
🟩 Above Average Result
🟨 Average (Expected) Result
🟧 Below Average Result
πŸŸ₯ Negative Result
🌎 Macro Event
βš”οΈ Results from Other Company / Project
[UPA] Unexpected Positive Announcement
[NEW] New Milestone Added