As everyone shuffles around on their smart phones these days, we are creating an ever increasing amount of data.

All of this data combined is called ‘big data’, and it’s all around us, but not so simple to capture, analyse – and profit from.

$20M market capped SkyFii (ASX:SKF) unlock the value in ‘big data’ in large public spaces, by installing their services over the top of free public Wi-Fi networks.

This data is then delivered to retailers, allowing them to understand customer needs and in-store behaviour – ultimately improving the customer experience and sales for the retailer.

It seems to be catching on – SKF has sold or is running trials in over 50 shopping centres across the globe…

This includes major Australian retail groups such as Scentre Group (formerly Westfield ANZ), the GPT Group, Brookfield, and Ipoh – which owns Sydney’s QVB, Strand Arcade and Chifley Plaza.

Investors should be aware that this is a speculative tech stock, with no guarantee of success – its early days here, and the commercial potential is not proven.

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