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Sky and Space Global

Sky and Space Global


They told us on Star Trek , so it must be true: space is the final frontier.

Yet back in the 1960s when William Shatner was Captain Kirk space business was just a pipedream.

Today commercially savvy space business ‘explorers’ are looking to take their businesses into the stratosphere, with even earth’s biggest businesses having a crack at space domination.

Think Virgin through Virgin Galactic and even Tesla founder Elon Musk who is creating his own mission to Mars.

Sky and Space Global (ASX:SAS) is one company with interstellar ambitions and has already signed an MoU with Virgin Galactic to help it launch its communication satellites into space, as it hopes to bring much needed communication tools to third world countries.

SAS has been flying high lately and is set for its maiden flight in early 2017.

In fact it is signing deals left right and centre including with Flex Israel, affiliated with the $7.5 billion capped tech giant Flextronics – who could plug SAS directly into global communications infrastructure.

SAS has also been approved by the UK Ministry of Defence to use its UHF frequency until the end of 2019, with the possibility to extend this initial timeframe.

Fully funded beyond the 2017 launch of its satellite pilot network, construction of SAS’s first nano-satellites is on track to commence next month.

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The $32 million capped SAS is positioning itself a first mover in the nano-satellite space communication race and is well placed to turn on the boosters as investors look to jump on board.