Pacific American Coal

Pacific American Coal


Commodities look to have stabilised since 2014 and appear to be edging back into investor attention.

Just look at the spot price for premium coking coal, which has rallied by over 60% since mid-February and you get a sense of the upward trajectory of this commodity in particular.

This rise is good news for Pacific American Coal (ASX:PAK), which is looking to progress its flagship Elko Project in Canada, known for its high quality coking coal seams.

Recently PAK commissioned a detailed study into the commercial viability of Elko including a 3D model of what its mine site and processing infrastructure could look like, signalling its long-term intent for its Canadian project.

PAK is not a one trick pony.

On top of its 257Mt coal resource confirmed to internationally recognised JORC (2012) standards, it is also a 40% stakeholder in Imagine IM — the world’s first graphene commercialisation company that will be manufacturing graphene-based products.

Combined with its coking coal activities, PAK is hoping its holding in Imagine IM can blend neatly blended with its downstream graphene revenues to create a vertically integrated, paddock-to-plate carbon company.

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With coking coal prices having hit $160 per tonne, PAK is aiming to punch above it’s current A$16M market cap and put itself into a strong early position to advance Project into commercialising high-grade coking coal for steelmaking.

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