The future of the news is in all our hands. Quite literally.

In a sign of the times, news stories today are best covered from a smartphone being used by a bystander – someone who just happens to be there at the exact time a story breaks.

What if they all used their phones to record footage and could sell it on a simple online platform?

And what if major news broadcasters could then quickly and simply buy that footage?

Well now, they both can – and it’s all due to one ASX listed company’s technology…

This company “crowd sources” the news from over 8 million “citizen journalist” contributors worldwide – then validates it, organises it, and sells it to broadcasters desperate for the latest scoop.

Traditional ways of covering the news required professional reporters, camera crews, and expensive production costs – that’s no longer necessary with this company’s technology.

Fox News, the Wall St Journal, plus dozens of other media publishers and broadcasters have signed up to this company’s platform.

It’s also partnered up with major media agencies such as Getty Images and Associated Press ensuring rapid distribution of this content.

The company is currently accelerating its international growth by raising $3 million from institutional and sophisticated investors in December last year.

This is still a junior company and growth is not guaranteed, so caution is advised if considering this company for your portfolio.

It is full steam ahead now for this new media content provider and it has set itself high expectations in achieving substantial revenue growth and record sales in 2016.

Could this small ASX company evolve to be the next major global media power?