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Megastar Millionaire

Megastar Millionaire


The world’s newest online talent quest will launch within weeks as singers, dancers, comedians and entertainers from all walks of life compete for the $1 million prize money.

MSM Corporation’s (ASX:MSM), Megastar talent platform has completed Beta testing, put in place a management team that has experience on shows like X Factor , Big Brother and Deal or No Deal and is now ready to launch its platform to the world, as it looks to emulate the success of the likes of the $2.5 billion Idol franchise.

Megastar is already rocking the Casbah. When it launches it will become the world’s biggest online talent competition.

And with a first mover advantage operating in the US$25 billion online gaming and US$30 billion mobile sectors, whilst targeting a demographic of 18-24 year olds who are quick to adopt online alternatives, MSM could hit the market harder than a Metallica album.

Over the course of the last 12 months, MSM has also gathered partners who could bring to the table hundreds of millions of viewers and have hired SketchSHE as its first hosts.

SketchSHE has had over 100 million views globally, a substantial social media following reaching well over 3 million followers across their YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and has a track record of their comedy sketches going viral – which is exactly what the Megastar competition is about.

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MSM even has a Madonna connection, with partner DanceOn, which has a global audience of over 100 million viewers, being co-founded by the pop megastar. Danceon will be social influencers used to amplify awareness of the upcoming competition.

With its imminent launch, talent-quest experienced management, $1 million in prizemoney and a first mover advantage in the online talent quest space, MSM is set to shake, rattle and roll the future of talent shows as we know them.