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LWP Technologies


Imagine a battery that outperforms Telsla’s much-publicised battery storage solution.

By now we have all heard how Tesla has changed the energy storage market: it is predicted that 50% of cars will be electric by 2025.

Yet there are more changes to come.

While many companies in the energy storage solution space now look to lithium-ion batteries to power their products, one ASX company has acquired the patents to a graphene-based technology that could surpass lithium-ion in cost, power and time of use.

This company has invested $1.6M for a 50% interest in a joint venture that has three patents all focused on ground-breaking graphene battery technology, that could provide greater driving range, decreased charging times and no hazardous side effects…

As an energy technologist, the acquisition of three graphene Aluminium-Graphene Synthesis and battery technology patents, gives this company a look at the future of energy storage.

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The graphene patents give this company a foot in the energy storage market that it expects to grow substantially in both the short and long term.

And the company expects to have its first prototype within six to 12 months.

If it can prove up the tech, then the energy storage market could once again undergo another step change…