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International Goldfields


International Goldfields Ltd (ASX:IGS) is acquiring 85% of Winter Garden Biosciences ("Winter Garden"), facilitating entry into the multi-billion dollar global medical cannabis market - but critically and in contrast to many peers, also the trillion dollar global nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries. Strategically based in Uruguay, Winter Garden is an advanced developer of mass-market non-synthetic cannabis products. The key significance is in the words "non-synthetic". Due to a unique set of laws in Uruguay, Winter Garden finds itself in a position as the only company globally that can legally test and produce standardised, pure, non-synthetic cannabis at scale. Primary business revenues are expected to be generated from the production and sale of high-potency cannabinoid extracts, which are the more gentle non-THC chemical compounds that give cannabis its medicinal properties, but not its psychoactive effects. Winter Garden will initially focus on cannabidiol (CBD) based extraction, which is the compound within cannabis found to produce and promote a wide range of salutary health benefits applicable to a wide variety of medical conditions. These extracts can be utilised in a variety of natural forms including global beverage, health food, medicinal, powdered, and capsulated forms which are becoming increasingly prevalent in the marketplace. These CBD products will be sold into the growing number of countries where medical cannabis is legal, including the USA and Canada - two countries that have a combined medical cannabis market that is expected to reach US$10BN by 2018. Uruguay recently became the first nation in the world to legalise the research, development, cultivation and sale of non-synthetic cannabinoids – the chemical compounds that give cannabis its effects - and hemp. This legal umbrella gives Winter Garden an important scientific and commercial advantage over rival companies operating in nations with more stringent legal conditions.