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πŸ“‹ About: Galileo Mining (ASX: GAL) is focused on the discovery of base metals in Western Australia. The company is exploring for large scale magmatic nickel copper deposits in the Fraser Range and for high grade nickel-copper-cobalt resources at its Norseman project.

🌏 Macro Theme: Analysts are generally expecting tailwinds for the nickel price due to increasing demand from the electric vehicle industry. The World Bank predicts that Nickel demand is guaranteed to increase by some of the most dramatic figures by tonnes.

Galileo Mining Company Milestones

βœ… Portfolio Launch
$5M Cap Raise @ 22c
IGO Group Becomes a Substantial Shareholder
βœ… $6.5M Cap Raise @26c
πŸ”² Project Funding 2
πŸ”² Project Funding 3
πŸ”² Unexpected Positive Announcement 1
πŸ”² Unexpected Positive Announcement 2

Fraser Range (Nickel)

βœ… RC Drilling Commenced (Lantern)
First Assays (Lantern)
Advanced Drill Targets Finalised (Lantern)
RC Drilling (Lantern)
βœ… Diamond Drilling (Lantern)
πŸŸ₯ Drill Results (Lantern North)
βœ… Drill Results (Lantern South)
βœ… Drill Results (Lantern East)
Further Diamond Drill Targets Finalised (Lantern East & South)
Drill Targets Defined (Delta Blues)
Drill Results (Lantern East)
🟧 Drill Results (Lantern South)
βœ… RC Drilling (Delta Blues)

🟩 Assay Results RC Drilling (Delta Blues)
πŸ”² Diamond Drilling (Delta Blues)
πŸ”² Drill Results (DB1)
πŸ”² Drill Results (DB2)
βœ… [NEW] New Drill Targets Identified (Easterly Prospect)
πŸ”² [NEW] Drill Target Refined (Easterly Prospect)
πŸ”² [NEW] Drill Testing Commenced (Easterly Prospect)
πŸ”² [NEW] Assay Results (Easterly Prospect)

Norseman (Palladium)

βœ… Soil Sampling
βœ… Promising Palladium Results from Soil Sampling
βœ… Assay results from soil sampling
πŸ”² Aircore drilling at Norseman
πŸ”² More drill target generation work
πŸ”² New Milestones Added

GAL Investment Milestones

βœ… Initial Investment: @24.65c
βœ… Increase Investment: @23.5c
βœ… Increase Investment: @29.1c
βœ… Increase Investment: @26c

πŸ”² Price increases 500% from initial entry
πŸ”² Price increases 1000% from initial entry
πŸ”² Price increases 2000% from initial entry
βœ… 12 Month Capital Gain Discount
πŸ”² Free Carry
πŸ”² Take Profit
πŸ”² Hold remaining Position for next 2+ years

”Expected Company Milestones” are based on the company's publicly available execution plan and some assumptions made by our team on potential announcements that should de-risk the investment. β€œOur investment milestones” show our current long-term investment plan. Early stage investments are risky and there is no guarantee that the expected events will occur. The lists are not in sequential order.


πŸ”² Expected Milestone
βœ… Achieved Milestone
🟩 Above Average Result
🟨 Average (Expected) Result
🟧 Below Average Result
πŸŸ₯ Negative Result
🌎 Macro Event
βš”οΈ Results from Other Company / Project
πŸ”„ In Progress
[UPA] Unexpected Positive Announcement
[NEW] New Milestone Added

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