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Pointerra Limited

Pointerra Limited


Thanks to Pointerra Limited (ASX:3DP), engineers, surveyors, city planners, forestry experts, mining, oil and gas companies will no longer need to wade through copious archives of data for the information and insights they require.

Now, 3DP’s technology can take massive 3D datasets and make it accessible via a web browser on any device, even a smartphone, meaning companies can now interpret and make use of data in a timely and cost efficient way.

A recent MoU with AAM, the largest geospatial solutions company in the southern hemisphere has also put 3DP on the front foot globally to penetrate its core targeted industries in overseas markets.

AAM’s reach extends to cities across Africa, Asia and broader Australasia and AAM will license 3DP’s 3D data technology giving 3DP access to these markets.

3DP will benefit further from this MoU as it receives a licence fee as well as ongoing royalties from data usage, and will be free to sell AAM’s data sets via its world-first 3D data marketplace.

The deal with AAM drives home 3DP’s strategy of building on its business plan and reseller and revenue profit streams.

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On top of its MoU with AAM, 3DP has also signed a deal with asset management K2fly who will sell 3DP’s 3D data technology under a commission based sales model.

With a current market cap of $7.8 million and cash held at $3.38 million at last report in March, 3DP is building nicely as it looks to make a major impact in the $500 billion geospatial industry.