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BD1 secures Japanese patent towards cancer treatments

BD1 secures Japanese patent towards cancer treatments

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Biotech play BARD1 Life Sciences Limited (ASX:BD1) today announced that it has received a Japanese patent for its BARD1 isoforms.

On 12 January 2018, the Japan Patent Office issued the Japanese Patent number P6271636 titled “BARD1 isoforms in lung and colorectal cancer and use thereof”.

This patent family protects the sequence of various BARD1 isoforms specific to lung and colorectal cancer, a method for detecting the presence of the specific BARD1 isoforms, and a method for treating and/or preventing lung cancer and colorectal cancer.

BD1 is a small cap biotechnology company developing non-invasive cancer diagnostics.

Earlier in the month, it announced it had received positive results from its OC-400 Study that showed BARD1-Ovarian achieved high accuracy for detection of ovarian cancer.

BARD1 has now successfully completed the retrospective, case-control, OC-400 Study which was intended to evaluate the accuracy of the multi-analyte BARD1-Ovarian test to detect ovarian cancer in 400 female bio-banked samples of ovarian cancer and aged-matched healthy controls.

While there’s plenty of good news coming from BD1, it should be noted it an early stage stock and investors should seek professional financial advice if considering it for their portfolio.

Patent specifics

The Japan Patent Office issued the P6271636 patent for BARD1 isoforms in the treatment of lung and colorectal cancer — providing further protection over the parent case P5938406 for modulators, such as siRNA molecules, of specific BARD1 isoforms for use in the treatment or prevention of lung or colorectal cancer.

That patent was filed in the name of Université De Genève (UNIGE) and Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève (HUG) on 17 August 2011, and is due to expire on 17 August 2031.

BARD1 LSL (via its fully owned subsidiary BARD1AG SA) has licensed the commercial rights to exploit this technology from UNIGE and HUG.

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